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From Strangers to Clients

How to generate a never-ending stream of clients that

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You are just 9-weeks away from a prosperous and predictable coaching business where you can attract the people you love to work with without spending all your time or budget marketing.

Join today and you'll receive the complete "From Strangers to Clients" client-attraction implementation program. An easy-to-apply process that will enable you to:

  • Establish strong foundations for a long-lasting business
  • Tailor your marketing strategy to your unique communication strengths
  • Build your market position as a credible authority in your field and have people actively seek you out
  • Attract highly qualified leads that fit your ideal client persona
  • Build connection and trusting relationships with prospects using our done-for-you scripts
  • Craft, develop and implement webinars to enrol new clients while you sleep
  • Implement enrolment conversations that will fill your schedule, now and for months to come, using our proven scripts
  • Silence your inner critic so you can stop sabotage behaviours
  • Use our proven scripts to guarantee your success
  • Optimise and maximise returns from your marketing investment
  • Reduce your time spent marketing

The material is accessed through easy-to-consume videos with checklists, how-to guides, worksheets, transcripts along with expert tips and tools that will dramatically cut your time to implement and maintain.

The total value of the knowledge contained in this program is well over $16,263 

You get lifetime access to the full 'From Strangers to Clients' client-attraction system...

For $3997 $1997 TODAY

plus these special BONUS gifts…

LIVE support throughout the program

In many self-paced programs, you are given access to the materials and then left to get on with it on your own. That doesn't happen here. 

You will receive live support for the duration of the program, with an option to extend beyond this if you want.

Get your questions answered. Enjoy hot seat coaching to keep you moving forward and into action. Feel supported and valued.

You won't be left struggling to implement everything you have learned. Any questions that may arise will be answered, hurdles overcome and celebrations had with every new client you sign on. 

(Value $6,497)

Lifetime Access to the Support Forum

My passion is YOUR success. So during the program and beyond you have access to the discussion forum within the program. Network and connect with other participants. Benefit from the wisdom of the group and learn from others' challenges. You can ask any question you like and receive a response within 24 business hours, usually faster. 

(Combined value $2,031)

Get Clients Online Implementation Workshops

Too often I hear of people investing their time in a program only to get stuck implementing the lessons learned. I don't want that for you so with this program the focus is on your action. To facilitate this, at the end of each module you get access to the ever-popular and highly effective Get Clients Online workshops.

See demonstrations of how to implement each step of the process so you can apply the knowledge gained from the module. You will see shortcuts in action and get to practise new-found skills as you take action to implement your marketing strategy.

(Value $997)

Future Updates Included

Technology and techniques are ever-changing in this fast-paced digital world. Save yourself heaps of time. Know you will always have the latest, most up-to-date information readily available through the program so that you can keep your marketing effective at the lowest cost to you.

(Value over $2,263)

Special Bonus when you choose the single-pay option: Access to the ‘Create Your Promotional video’ program

Create an immediate connection and shortcut months of time to forge trust when you use video ads. Capture audience attention from the first millisecond, and keep people engaged so they clamor to work with you.

With this program you will:

Design and script your video using our proven template

Create your video

Promote your video, generating new leads immediately

(Value $497)

Join today to receive a complimentary review of your marketing materials with Carrie

I love working with people who are determined and who will take action. Receive this fast-action bonus when you sign up right now. Enjoy a personal review of your marketing strategy and materials with Carrie at the end of the 9-week program.

During our time together on this call, we will:

  • Review your marketing materials created during the program
  • Optimize your client-attraction path
  • Identify possible barriers to your future success

(Value $397)

That's over $12,000 in BONUSES - Yours today for $1997

This is incredible value for the quality of material and support that you will receive in this program

From Strangers to Clients

~ Attract the people you love to work with ~

Your success is Guaranteed!

Know you're protected by my 100% risk-free guarantee

I believe that anyone, anywhere, who needs help, should be able to find and access quality coaches and that means for you to be able to reach the people you love to work with.

One of the greatest joys in my life right now is when I hear from students whose lives have been changed by my programs. I'm always so happy to hear that I could help.

So great is my passion to help you reach the people that need your services that I am prepared to offer this guarantee:

If by the end of this 9-wk program, you have implemented all the recommended actions and you still do not have new clients in your business I promise to stay working with you until you have secured clients.

What Others Have Achieved With This Program...

When I first started, I was pretty clueless about how to find clients – especially as I had a limited advertising budget.

Through applying this system I now have all the clients I want, run regular workshops, and have created a program of downloadable products. "

~ Cindy F

" To anyone considering taking this program, I'd say just do it! The information provided was so valuable. Carrie is approachable and easy to listen to. I've just signed up a $4,000 client"

~ Tanya E Relationship Coach

"The video presentations were entertaining and the messages clear and easy to understand. My client base has increased threefold and is continuing to increase faster than I ever anticipated"

~ Mike U Counsellor

"I needed to learn how to run a business and to understand how to market and sell myself if I was to achieve my dream. Working with Carrie has not only allowed me to develop the skills that I needed in marketing and sales, along with the confidence to use them. Have just signed my first two clients this week"

~ Ralph G. Life Coach

"This workshop was by far the best training on client attraction I have ever attended. The structure of the training was excellent, information easy to understand, practical tips priceless "

~Tatajana D Counsellor

"So many takeaways! Thank you soooooooo much. I love the airplane banner - really made me focus on what I'm offering. Have never heard of so many of these tools that you share - thank you for these time-saving and effective tips."

~  Anne M Life Coach

To be clear.

This is NOT a 'quick-fix' solution.

This is a robust, proven system that will take time to tailor and implement; but once done 'From Strangers to Clients' gives you a solid, unique way to attract clients to your practice door for as long as you want with minimal ongoing effort.

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